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Ambassador Search

Over the past 2-years, we have gone back to our roots and dedicated our business to the youth livestock and agriculture world by traveling to stock shows all over Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado. If you are a stock show competitor from any of these states, we invite you to consider participating in our ambassador search! The search opens on Friday, August 27, and closes on Friday, September 17, at 12 PM MST. 


Tag @generalsharpeningshop in three high-quality photos of you working with your stock show project(s) over a three-month period. 


The images should fall within three categories:

1. Competing in the stock show ring.

2. Clipping your stock show project with a blade sharpened by the General Sharpening Shop.

3. Your favorite photo with your stock show project that lets your personality shine!

All photos should include a brief description of the animal's name, the show you are prepping for, and how the General Sharpening shop has helped you succeed! You can include your current and future goals and dreams and other information you want to share with your social media audience and ours. 

You will also receive a General Sharpening Shop sign that we ask you to hang on your trailer or pen during the time you are an ambassador. 

What Ambassadors receive:
For every photo that meets the above requirements, you get a free clipper blade sharpening or a $10.00 credit for a clipper machine repair. Additionally, we will set you up with three single blade, General Sharpening Shop branded clipper cases, and a custom General Sharpening Shop hat! The ambassador commitment will last for 90-days starting the day that we notify you of your acceptance and is limited to three photos to earn credit toward our services. Additionally, photos must be submitted within the 90-day period stated on your acceptance letter to earn credit. *If you are under the age of 18, we will request that your parents give written permission for you to participate. 

You give the General Sharpening Shop permission to use photos submitted for future marketing purposes by participating as an ambassador. 

To submit your Ambassador application, please go here: 

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