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About Us

Welcome! We are Allen and Crystal Martinez, the owners of General Sharpening Shop! We provide excellent, affordable clipper blade sharpening and clipper machine service with a quick turnaround while promoting and giving back to agriculture youth. We are not only small business owners but advocates for the nation's agriculture industries. 

Allen has 20 years of experience in aviation and a career as a flight service specialist at Lockheed Martin/Leidos. I am a 5th generation Arizona cattle rancher and have grown up in the ring showing horses, sheep, and cattle. In 2015, I changed careers and became a registered nurse, and worked in hospice. I am also one of the only professional sheep and alpaca shearers in Arizona.

You might ask why we went from the aviation and medical field to running our own company in a traveling workshop. Well, it all came down to a few special circumstances and the desire to leave the corporate world. We are passionate about our family and helping other families succeed inside and outside the show ring. 

Allen and I provide over-the-top clipper and blade service to the families of agriculture. And, I always say, "When you are working with livestock showmen, you understand that you are working with meticulous, diligent, driven individuals, and to provide an under-par resource for them is not acceptable." 

No matter your level of experience in the show ring, we will be there to encourage, support, and educate and provide you with the best tools and resources to succeed!


One of the things we take a lot of pride in is sharing our knowledge about clipping and shearing, which is evident in this video and our daily interactions with customers! 

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